1&1 handy kaufen ohne vertrag

Deutsche Telekom should be your No.1 choice if you are looking for great mobile network quality. If you don’t have a mobile phone yet, you might need to pay full price for one, as the only way to get it subsidised by the network provider is by signing up for a 24 month contract. We have collected the best German data plans for your smartphones in the table below (prepaid and postpaid). See which one fits your needs and budget best. If you only need data for your tablet or computer, scroll down to see special data-only plans. If you are a student or are 28 years old or younger, scroll down to see special plans for young people. This means that they are probably a good pick already, as many of your friends might have a contract with them. Signing up with the best German mobile phone provider will save you a lot of money and trouble, as problems are bound to arise if you pick the wrong provider. If you prefer good reception both in cities and in rural areas and fast mobile internet you should pick one of the D1 network contracts.

Not only can you choose to have flat-rates and extra fast internet, you can also save some money if you don’t need a new mobile phone, or if you are under 25 (or even 29 if you are a student). All of their contracts come with All-net-flatrates for German landlines, SMS within Germany and up to 20GB of mobile data with LTE speed. Very interesting package if you need both a mobile phone and an internet/phone landline contract. Telekom gives you a 10 .- € discount on your mobile phone contract if you sign up for a MagentaZuhause internet contract as well. Save yourself the hassle of running through the city and entering one of the countless mobile phone shops in Munich. Most of the time it is the better choice to get a German cell phone contract which includes a new smartphone. As mentioned before, Deutsche Telekom is known for having the best mobile network quality of all German mobile providers. Ohne feste Mindestlaufzeit haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihren Vertrag monatlich bis 14 Tage vor dem jeweiligen Monatsende zu kündigen. Bei einem Vertrag mit Mindestlaufzeit beträgt die Kündigungsfrist drei Monate vor dem jeweiligen Vertragsende. Ansonsten bieten Ihnen die flexiblen Smartphone-Tarife im Vergleich die gleichen Vorteile wie die mit fester Laufzeit: Zum monatlichen Festpreis nutzen Sie Telefonflatrates ins deutsche Festnetz und alle deutschen Mobilfunknetze und surfen mit hoher Geschwindigkeit. Wenn Sie das S-, M-, L- oder XL-Paket buchen, steht Ihnen in ausgebauten Gebieten auch LTE zur Verfügung. Ist Ihr jeweiliges monatliches Highspeed-Datenvolumen aufgebraucht, surfen Sie ohne Mehrkosten mit geringerer Geschwindigkeit weiter.

Zusätzliches Highspeed-Volumen lässt sich übrigens flexibel nach Bedarf dauerhaft oder einmalig dazu buchen. Furthermore you get with 8GB per month enough mobile data for music streaming and browsing on the go. When I contracted the service they told me there was a 29.95 euro connection fee and then they charged me 69.99 euro for that… When I complained and asked them to reduce the fee to the agreed one they just cancelled my contract from one day to another without even telling me. They didn`t even bother to respond to my email. Only after I phoned them to see why I had no internet, they informed me they had cancelled my contract as a response to my email… All in all worst internet service I have ever tried! Make sure that with your new contract you also check the box “Drittanbieter sperren”.

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