Fidic Agreement

Subcontracting conditions (First Edition, 2011). For construction and engineering work designed by the employer. Instructions for the preparation of special subcontracting conditions. the forms of the subcontractor`s offer, the contractor`s letter of acceptance and the subcontracting agreement. The position of FIDIC contracts, particularly for major development works, was ensured by the signing of a five-year agreement with the World Bank, with the obligation to use six FIDIC agreements for its projects, and on May 10, 2019, by a five-year agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank, which will guarantee the use of the same contracts for development-financed projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Contractual conditions for civil works. Part I: General conditions with forms of tender + agreement; Part II: Special conditions of application + Guidelines for the preparation of sections of Part II (4th edition. 1987, reproduction in 1988 with editorial changes, reproduction 1992 with other modifications, reproduction 2011). The 2011 reproduction also contains the supplement 1st auft. 1996. Users who wish to incorporate the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Part 1 are invited either to attach a printed version of the entire 2011 reproduction or to purchase an electronic version in which Part 1-General Terms and Conditions can be printed as a separate document.

FIDIC`s intention was to establish an agreement for “general use for the purposes of pre-investment and feasibility studies, detailed planning and construction management and project management, both for employer-led design teams and for design teams for design and construction contracts managed by contractors”. Other current FIDIC contracts are consulting contracts. They differ from Rainbow Suite contracts and other standard forms (as above) in that they are not construction contracts and do not involve the contractor. The White Paper is by far the most important. First published in 1990, the White Book is probably the most important agreement for professional services in the construction sector in the world. The contract is concluded between the “client” of the services: “client” instead of “the employer” and the “supplier” of the services: “consultant” instead of “contractor”. The FIDIC Dredging and Reclamation Works Contact is sometimes referred to as the Blue Book or Blue-Green Book, although neither name has reached the broad currency of the Rainbow Suite contracts. It is often totally excluded from the consideration by commentators of the forms of FIDIC contracts.

This is an unfortunate omission. .

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