Simple Investment Agreement Malaysia

Any financial, commercial or other information from the issuer that may be relevant to your investment decision may not be made available to you, even if it is deemed appropriate; After the close of the office, all investment funds in the esciating account are released to the issuer after receiving written confirmation from the ECF operator, in accordance with the terms of the deposit agreement. If we prove that your death is satisfactory to us, we will resist your membership in accordance with paragraph 11.2 (rescission by us). If you still invest at that time via the platform, we will process it according to the corresponding statuses of each number. Notwithstanding paragraph 12.1 (cessation of operations), there are circumstances in which we can end your access to the platform, even if you still have investments under the platform. In these circumstances, the use of the platform may include in any way: all investments through the site, unless otherwise stated, are implemented via a nominated structure, crowdPlus Nominees Sdn Bhd, a committed nominee company, representing each investor for the purposes of the offer. The investor will be the economic beneficiary and the nominees owe the investor the obligation to hold the shares for the investor and negotiate under the terms of a Nominees agreement that will be signed between investors and CrowdPlus Nominees Sdn bhd. We have the right to amend the terms of this agreement from time to time. If the investor contract is changed, we will inform you of the new investor contract. Any access or use of the Site by you and any offer after the effective date of the amended investor agreement gives you your consent and acceptance of the amended investor agreement.

After reviewing an offer, you can invest in the issuer by clicking on the corresponding button and you will be asked to indicate how much you want to invest. The investment decision regarding any investment through the platform is up to you and you alone. Apart from what is included in the offer, we have not verified or approved any information about the issuer, including all the information discussed in the Q-A area accompanying an exhibitor`s offer or on websites related to the offer (for example. B the website for the issuer or the social media profiles of the entrepreneurs or the exhibitor himself). and you don`t have to rely on such information to make your investment decision. Except under item 3.2 (relationship with other agreements), this agreement contains the whole agreement between you and us and replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between you and us with respect to the issues set out in it.

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