Sse Connection Agreement

Our Customer Charter Connections sets you our promises throughout your connecting journey. Tipping Point is a new connection possibility that is offered to customers. During the design process, customers can now reduce their capacity to the keystroke point – the point where a connection can be established without rebar work. This is the case for any link that triggers EHV reinforcement operations. You can update your app at no additional cost and within the same timeframe as a standard plan. Find process information to obtain land permits and contract agreements connect a small home, EV charging point, residential area, small business, large commercial development or new generation or storage. Our guide to electric vehicles is a one-stop shop that helps you understand the infrastructure of electric vehicles. Visit our EV page to download the guide and learn more about EV Connections. Move your measuring device, prepare or reduce your power supply, unplug, modify or redirect our equipment Did you know that you have a choice? For more information for customers and ICPs/IDNOs, here you will find instructions on demanding and connecting energy storage and generation. Guaranteed performance standards, connection offer costs, charging method and more A message from Andrew Huthwaite, Director of Connections View our commitment commitments, updates, events and newsletter A BNO (Building Network Operator) is the organization that owns or manages the electricity distribution network in a multi-occupant building between the intake position and customer facilities.

A BNO can be an owner, lessor, developer, or similar function that controls a building infrastructure at that time. As of January 11, 2020, we will no longer install new internal service cables in apartment buildings. Use our Heatmaps, SIG, Long Term Development Statements or Technical Library….

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