Virtual Working Agreements

There are many advantages and disadvantages for managing a virtual team, but especially at the beginning of the transition to remote work, it is important to identify and overcome some important challenges. We are not in the same context as in 2017. An easy remote team agreement is valuable for a scrum team or team in this area. We can rethink the rules and recognize new charges and loads. For children at home, a little flexibility might help with work schedules. Even the recognition of the existence of the new stress may suffice. Productivity With imperfect communication, productivity is a challenge. Without the hustle and bustle of an office, it can be difficult to have the same engine as your colleagues in the office. Some ways to ensure that remote employees always contribute as much to your virtual team as they would if they were in an office is to assign a clear responsibility. Defining responsibilities and project owners can help remote employees stay engaged.

Phil Montaro, of The Anywhere Office, has introduced a policy for a team agreement called ICC Workflow. This process divides work into three categories: information, communication and cooperation. The idea is for the team to define the information they need for the projects they are working on, the communication protocols needed for their work, and the tools they need to let each team know what the other is working on. CHECK YOUR AGREEMENT REGULARLY. Keep in mind that the way people work will naturally change over time. The team agreement is supposed to be a “living document”; adapts to the team as it evolves. Your team agreement should be reviewed and adapted regularly if your way of operating changes. This is a good time if you hire new people or if someone leaves the team. Even if things are going well, take the opportunity to review your team agreement to see if everyone is still on the same side. A working agreement is a living document that, depending on the needs of the team members, compensates for the way the team will work. Since there are no two equal teams, the working agreements will be different – and even one team will want to review its work agreement from time to time.

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