Dan Murphy`s Eba Agreement

*Team members classified as Level 1 or Level 2 under the 2012 Dan Murphy Agreement and who received the Level 2 wage rate for 90% or more of the hours worked just prior to the voting period will receive an annual increase of at least 50% in the amount of the rate increase until their base rate matches the Level 2 rate of new retail employment in the this Agreement. “The agreement itself will return all penalty interest, casual rates, junior rates, shift rates and overtime rates that have been taken away from them for decades,” Cullinan said. “We estimate that it will return about $200 million a year to workers who have been underpaid compared to the distinction. The transitional provisions of the agreement provide that existing casual and permanent employees are paid more than new workers. The vast majority of woolworths supermarket workers voted in favour of a new wage deal that reinstates their full penalties and pays them base rates above the minimum retail requirements. The new deal was backed by 93% of the nearly 68,000 Woolworth workers who voted for the proposed deal, which sets their base wages at just over 6% above the national retail price. Woolworths workers have approved a new company agreement that will restore minimum payment rates for retail. Credit: Bradley Kanaris Once the base rate of a saved rate matches the new rate at that level, Dan Murphy will apply the total amount of each future salary increase under the new agreement to that same rate of pay. “Woolworths workers wanted to protect their takeaway wages, improve penalty interest, ensure hard-earned SDA terms and ensure that all workers received wage increases,” he said. “I am very pleased to say that this new agreement is on all fronts.” The new agreement must be approved by the Fair Work Commission, which experts predict will pay close attention to a complex criminal regime. Coles and Woolworths were both charged with underpayment following a pioneering Commission decision that their wage agreement had failed to pass a test in which employees had to be better off relative to the price of each job. Existing workers who achieved the higher base rate negotiated under the 2012 Woolworths agreement will retain their current wage rates, but new workers will be paid less under the new agreement. The proposed agreement will not have shared positions that until now allowed two teams of less than ten hours of break between the teams to work in one day.

Now there must be a 12-hour break (or 10 hours by appointment) between the end of one shift and the start of the next shift. This means that, in some stores, the practice of using shared teams is no longer allowed. Dwyer said the deal would improve the turnover regime for part-time workers and make it easier for casual workers to convert to part-time employment.

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