Pathfinder Kingmaker Agreement With Ioseph Sellemius

In any case, the currency of your loyalty seems to be the emissary you are whispering in your ear – Kassil Aldori represents the Aldoris, while Natala Surtova will offer the services of Shandra Mervey. The selection of Lander opens up the possibility of a more neutral approach. Stop this insidious little banquet by chatting with Jamandi and pay attention to the envoy you want, choosing the option of dialogue: “Before I start, I want to talk about the envoy I`m going to take with me.” It`s not so much a moral choice, it`s a political choice, so choose the group you prefer by naming their messenger, or try to remain neutral and choose countries. Meet what you want, then imagine Natala Surtova, who, in addition to her “sweet smile”, wastes little time in benevolence before jumping into politics. Aware of the game played by the Aldoris, she is less reluctant to give you “warnings” about the fate that awaits your baroness if you stand on the side of her enemies. No matter who you support, it seems that the leaders of both factions are almost certain that your countries will be exposed to the strange overlap, if not to the total siege and conquest. Natala Surtova`s solution is obviously the exact opposite of Jamandis, which suggests that the Aldoris, faced with an inevitable war on two fronts, will remain submissive. Note: If you have The Wildcards DLC, a short walk north of Lander puts you in touch with Kaessi, a potential companion and romance option. Don`t worry, the drink it offers is not a poison, but it has some fascinating news… Talk to Joseph Sellemius – mayor of the quasi-independent town of Restov – and if you go to go, he will also offer you some building materials. In this case, his offer is less generous than that of Ezvanki Keeg, because the five hundred loads he sends you come on condition that you “use the services of the Restov Guild of Owners” until you have paid for the goods. Its role is therefore to indirectly serve the interests of aldori, making a political counterweight to the Surtovas.

While Brevoy could not be unpretentious in the areas in question without provoking an international incident, an enterprising third party could do so.

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