Top 10 ways to get traffic on the web, and the best video I’ve seen on that subject…

  1. Get WordPress. These techniques require blogging… yes, it is a good thing to blog!
  2. Install Google XML sitemap plugin… this insures rapid inclusion in Google search.
  3. Install Twitter Tools & get a Twitter account.
  4. Get a custom design. Templates may look good, and may be a good starting point, but they don’t represent you as a unique entity. It’s all about branding!
  5. Hire a company or individual who can do a quality design AND a quality WordPress template. The template code matters when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I can help with this (*SSP).
  6. Post at least twice a week.
  7. Post 2-3 times on your subject-matter, then throw in something humorous or personal.
  8. Use an image on most posts. Make them large. They don’t have to be literal, they can be symbolic or conceptual… but they must be LEGAL. If copyright isn’t EXPLICITLY granted to your type of usage, it isn’t yours to use. It is theft.
  9. Use video. Upload to YouTube, and/or Vimeo, then embed in your site. This’ll get you more traffic than just putting video on your blog, and it’s easier, too.
  10. Keep at it, the payoff starts 3-9 months after you begin!

There are many other great things you can do. Costs vary. The amount of effort required will also vary. Generally there is a trade-off between cost and time commitment. Less time = more money and vice-versa.  But if you do just these 10 things, you should build traffic. What level of traffic is partly chance, partly subject-matter, and partly your talent at writing and targeting your content.

By the way of *Shameless Self Promotion (SSP), I can help with design and implementation for a reasonable fee. I used to get unreasonable fees, for great websites that weren’t so darn easy or cheap, but, in the end, this stuff works for a cost that is relatively low.

Below is a video by Tim Ferris. It’s the most useful single video I’ve found, but it may not entirely make sense to people who haven’t lived this for awhile. Still, worth a watch. Check it out:

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