WordPress for Absolute Beginners: Videos

I talk a lot about WordPress. I’ve developed websites since 1994, and WordPress is the single best tool for websites that I’ve found. The reasons are subtle and non-obvious; While it’s easy for people to learn (relatively), and thereby gives a small business a great way to communicate via the web without having a dedicated HTML jockey on staff, that’s not the main impact. The main impact is that it is Search Engine Catnip!

The first few ScreenCasts I made are a simple introduction to WordPress. Each is only 5 minutes, and they are just me voicing-over a tour of WordPress in a web browser. They’re bite-size and painless, and create an overview.

Now, I’ve continued the series actually guiding you into logging-in, and creating Posts. I’m planning two more in the immediate future that cover the Editor features.

The Next Videos in the Series:

Getting Logged-in. 5th Video on ScreenCast.com

Editing and creating posts: 6th Video on ScreenCast.com

The posting process: 7th Video on ScreenCast.com

THE PREVIOUS POST, with links to the first 4 Videos is here.

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